A4 Meditation Workshop (1) (1)

Saturday Meditation Workshops

Saturday 12th October 11am-2pm. 
Saturday 2nd November 11am-2pm
Saturday 14th December 11am-2pm
This is an opportunity to develop and deepen our meditation practice together under the  guidance of Viprasanna who is a teacher and meditator with a wealth of experience. Meditation is more than learning techniques, it is a skill which enables us to work with our mind at ever deepening levels.
There is no need to book and payment is by donation/dana.
For more information please email Viprasanna –

Monday 30th September 2019 – Monday 4th November

This is a course of six Monday evenings concentrating on the Metta Bhavana meditation.  Viryashalin will introduce the meditation and systematically over the coming weeks show us how to deepen and extend the practice. The Metta Bhavana  helps us develop more positive mental states and increases our capacity to wish others well.  It is a life changing practice. There is no need to book and payment is by donation/dana
For further information, please email: