Saturday Meditation Workshops –

Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome

Saturday 18th January 11am-2pm.
Saturday 21st March 11am-2pm
Saturday 9th May 11am-2pm
These meditation workshops take place in the upper barn of the King’s Lynn Friends’ meeting house in Bridge Street PE30 5AB and will be run on the following lines:
In the first hour, the session will begin with a brief presentation/discussion, asking what meditation really is, separating the useful and workable from the many confusing ideas that abound. We will put this into practice with a guided introduction to the mindfulness of breathing, leading into a silent period of practice. 
After a short break at 12.00 (when it will be possible to join/leave the session), we will look into our often dormant abilities to bring our meditation more alive and conscious, exploring pliability and flexibility of mind. 
Again at 1pm, we will have a break with the opportunity to join/leave for the final hour until 2pm, we will look at the idea of authentic happiness as a lead into the practice of Metta Bhavana (the cultivation of loving kindness).
There is no need to book. Donations are welcome and go towards the cost of hiring the room.
For more information please email Viprasanna –