We meet most Tuesdays, 7:30 – 9:30pm at The Friends Meeting House, Bridge Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5AB. There is a suggested donation of £6/£5 standard/concession. All money goes towards room rental and other group activities.



Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are interested in coming along.

N.B. Please email these addresses if you have comments/questions you don’t want published on the website – the only way to reply to comments submitted through the website is by publishing them!


12 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Hi Martin, it will be this Tuesday – 26th – for a meditation evening led by Sujvala. Please let me know if you need more information. Ed.


  1. Hello I have attended several times before ..I have a friend who is very interested in meditation would it be ok for us to come next Tuesday ..I noticed it would the third week of the meditation…thanks Julie


  2. Hi I am not a Budhist but am very interested in meditation ( albeit a newcomer) .

    Would I be able to attend ? Would I be outing my dept given that I do not meditate regularly ? When and where is the next session ?

    Kind regards



    1. Hello Ellie. There is currently a going deeper with meditation course which is for people who have already attended an introduction course. There will be a new Introduction to Meditation course beginning 11/10/16, for six weeks. There is no requirement to be a Buddhist and perfect for those new to and interested in meditation. There’ll be a poster up soon! In the meantime you can email for details. Hope to see you then.


  3. Hi. I practice yoga and attended a small meditation class some years ago, i try to practice myself at home from time to time. I would like to join like minded people and learn more to bring inner peace and insight. I would like to come alpng this coming Tuesday 17 Jan if u are meeting up and it is a good day to start? Thank you.


  4. Hi I recently bought a book called VEDA secrets from the east ,from a follower of Krishna Consciousness , as we were talking he mentioned that if most people went to an abbatoir they would never eat meat again, which made so much sense , we talked further for a few minutes about although my mother is a Jehovahs Witness ,I could not make a connection with hers or any other western religion ,however much a dutiful son I wanted to be .I am currently reading through my book (and I bought a vegetarian meal book as well) and I feel its writings have a calming effect and I feel more able to accept the words written than I have been able to with other religious books .I was wondering if I could possibly attend one of your meetings to explore further the Buddhist teachings
    Thankyou Alan


    1. Hello Alan, yes you would be very welcome to join us on Tuesday evening. Currently we are studying a buddhist text The journey and the guide. Sanghaketu will be leading the class. You do not need the book to participate. Becoming a vegetarian reduces unnecessary suffering in the world and is more ecologically sustainable and in this way is in line with the first buddhist teaching which urges us to do good in the world and the least amount of harm. By all means join us. If you would like to chat to someone before coming along just let me know. Mary


      1. Thankyou for getting back to me ,I might not be able to make it this coming Tuesday but would definitely look forward to attending the following Tuesday ,Alan


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