Norwich Buddhist Centre – Buddha Day Sunday 14th May 2017

The anniversary of Siddartha’s enlightenment to become Buddha is being celebrated by Norwich Buddhist Centre with a family day in the village of Thornage.


It’s the biggest festival of the year: on Sunday 14 May, we’re celebrating Buddha Day at Viryashalin’s (near Holt). We want everyone to be welcome and have the opportunity to practise and play. If you have kids, we especially need to hear from you!

We’re offering a program of two halves: the first is from 10am – 12pm and focuses on meditation and talks with a separate kids’ area. We’ll have lunch from 12 – 1, and then afternoon opens up for kids and kids of all ages to come out to play…this will include Secret Sangha gift exchange (see below) and a treasure hunt!

If you’re a parent, please let us know:

a) If you’d like to come along in the morning, we will have a kids’ area separate from the meditation space with kid-friendly activities and engagement. BUT WE NEED TO KNOW IF YOU’RE COMING and how old your kids are! You’ll need to arrive by 10am at the latest – there will be no arrivals on the site from 10am – 12 midday.

b) Alternatively, please also let us know if you are only interested in coming from lunch onwards.

c) It would also be great to know if you’d like to come along to days like this, but aren’t able to make it on this occasion.

Keep an eye out for future correspondence, and also for a follow-up email about the Secret Sangha gift exchange.

With much metta,

The Buddha Day Team


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