Dharma quote of the week

A quote from the Tibetan guru Dhardo Rimpoche speaking in the documentary ‘Meetings With Dhardo Rimpoche’:

“[for Buddhists] it is not enough to only do ‘outer’ Dharma work. If we not also doing inner work to remove unskilful mental states, then we are not really practicing the Dharma. In Tibetan there is a saying that, ‘Every worldly thing is an illusion and not worthy of desire.’ Whatever we are doing we should be practicing the Dharma, working to transform our minds. That is what we should be doing with our lives. We don’t have to think about the future. That is not the Dharma. Some people only think about their future lives when they are practicing the Dharma. They think that is real Dharma practice.”

The whole documentary is viewable online here:


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