Dr Ambedkar and the 60th anniversary

Hello all, Here is a message from Mokshini with some links to inspiring resources relating to Dr Ambedkar and his work. It is on the 60th anniversary of the mass conversions to Buddhism by the Dalit caste in India facilitated by Dr Ambedkar, giving purpose and meaning and a means to a better life to thousands of people whose destiny was perhaps otherwise already determined.

“Dear friends leading Triratna Groups, 

 I am writing with a postscript to the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the conversions at Nagpur in 1956 and Dr Ambedkar. 

 By now you might already have had your main local celebrations; and it’s possible that this has aroused your sangha’s curiosity in babasaheb and his  central importance to Indian Buddhists as well as his link to Triratna. Here is a great follow-up: an excellent audio, video and visual exhibition on Dr Ambedkar and his work. This is an online version of the exhibition that is currently installed in the Adhisthana library – here is a link to this exhibition, beautifully converted by the buddhistcentre online’s team.  

 Please consider sharing this with your sanghas, and include the link in your Centre newsletters or by mentioning it at classes –  It is called  “Dr Ambedkar and Sangharakshita: Bringing Buddhism back to India” and is currently on the home page of the buddhistcentre.com, but can also be found if you look for ‘Ambedkar’ in the search box. 

 There are also video and online resources that report on the celebrations in India, sadly so under-reported in the news in the West (at least in the UK) for example here on Triratna News.   

 Jai Bhim! 


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