Welcome to the webpage for the King’s Lynn Triratna Buddhist Community – our digital home for Buddhism in King’s Lynn.

We are a small and friendly group of practicing Buddhists and meditators.

Classes are led most Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Bridge Street, King’s Lynn.  From the 21st May 2018 there will be two classes a week. The additional class will be on Monday evenings also at 7:30 – 9:30 at the Friends Meeting House.

Tuesday evening classes are generally led by Viprasana and/or Sanghaketu, both of whom have been ordained with the Triratna Buddhist Order for over twenty years. Both have a wealth of meditation and Buddhist experience and a relaxed teaching style. Viprasanna was ordained in 1993. He is a yoga teacher and endeavours to maintain and advance his practice through yoga, meditation and music. Viryashalin also an experienced ordained member leads Monday evenings. We have other guest visitors from time to time.

Evenings are usually either on a drop in basis or there will be a themed course being run over consecutive evenings – usually based on meditation or the Buddhist faith. If you are interested in coming along you are very welcome – there is an email address on the ‘Contact’ page if you’d like to contact us beforehand but its not essential. We are open to all whether Buddhist, not Buddhist or complete newcomer.

Thank you

” For not by hatred does hatred cease at any time: only by love does hatred cease.  This is an old rule”    








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