Welcome to the webpage for the King’s Lynn Triratna Buddhist Community – our digital home for Buddhism in King’s Lynn.

We are a small and friendly group of practicing Buddhists and meditators.

Classes are led most Tuesday evenings from 7:30-9:30pm at the Friends Meeting House, Bridge Street, King’s Lynn.

Classes are generally led by Udara who has been ordained with the Triratna Buddhist Order for around fourteen years and who has been meditating for around twenty five years. He has been teaching in King’s Lynn for some time with occasional breaks for retreats and similar. We are also often joined by Sanghaketu who has been ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order for about twenty five years. We have other guest visitors from time to time.

Evenings are usually either on a drop in basis or there will be a themed course being run over consecutive evenings – usually based on meditation or the Buddhist faith. If you are interested in coming along you are very welcome – please contact us beforehand, just so we know to expect you, there are email addresses on the ‘Contact’ page.

Thank you.

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12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, my name is Julia, I have been practicing Buddhist for around 20 yrs, I used to go to the London Buddhist centre, Bethnal Green,I moved to Cornwall and had my daughters, later we moved to Norfolk. I have been mediating on my own mainly, and now my daughters are interested in mediating I thought I would be a good idea to introduce them to you where they can decide if they would like to progress.
    My elder daughter already mediates, but my younger daughter wants to try and I think a group would suite her.
    May we come along on Tuesday please to meet you all.
    Many thanks


    1. Hello Julia,
      You will be very welcome.
      Currently Sanghaketu is giving a set of six talks on the five spiritual faculties, fortnightly. Tomorrow the theme is wisdom. I would expect there will be a short meditation to start, so if this sounds of interest please come.
      On the alternate Tuesdays Sujvala is leading meditation evenings.
      Please let me know if you need further details.


  2. Hi, I am new to Buddhism but have always had an interest. I would like to try to learn to meditate properly and am a beginner. Is it ok for me to come to your meeting tomorrow?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Hope,
      Yes it is certainly OK for you to come. Tomorrow there will likely be a short meditation to begin, the bulk of the evening will be a talk by Sanghaketu on the theme of ‘wisdom’ followed by opportunity for questions and discussion. Hope to see you – thanks.


  3. Hi, my name is Sandra I have been called to develop my spiritual life. I went to a day of silent meditation at Clare priory on Saturday and want more. I hope to come Tuesday if this is meant to be.


    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for your message. This Tuesday there will be a talk about Puja – that is Buddhist ritual, so there may be some chanting and suchlike. If this sounds like its for you please come along – 7-9pm. Alternatively, there is a new six week introduction to meditation class beginning 19th July, preceded by a lecture on tape 12th July. Check out the posters on the website!


    1. Hi Pramila, the classes tend to be for adults (over 18 years old). The introduction/beginner classes may be suitable for 16-18 year olds depending on the individual. Under 16 year olds would need to be accompanied by an adult. The Triratna Buddhist Community as a whole do sometimes arrange school visits.


  4. Hello, in short I NEED something to attend to my ‘mixed’ up self. I have read a little on Buddhism and it has awakened my mind that there is something that I can relate to, a path I could, and am, drawn to. But I need guidance and teaching. Would your centre be the place to come and would you allow me to attend? Anything you could recommend I could read in the meantime would be appreciated. I feel like a lost soul and wish to find my true self. Thank you Sue


    1. Hi Sue – there is a new introduction to meditation course starting 11th October – the details are on the ‘latest posts’ page. It is open to all and will consist of meditation being taught in a friendly way, so of course you are very welcome. Its usually best to attend some classes to start but a good introduction to Buddhism is ‘Introducing Buddhism by Chris Pauling’.


      1. Many many thanks. Unfortunately I am away on 11 October. Is there another date after then that would cover the same content. I will purchase the book and thank you for the recomumendation.


      2. Hi Sue – it is a six week course so you may be able to join after the first day. I will ask Udara (who will be teaching the course) to contact you about this.


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